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For over twenty-seven years, I felt alone with my gift. The gap between my realities became an abyss. One auspicious day, circumstance and luck intervened to put me in touch with ideas, mentors and friends who also understood.

During the next thirty-three years, I experienced miracles, major visions and received direct teachings from great masters. I became lighter and freer. I discovered a deeper inclusive place to listen from. I surrendered myself to the higher forces I’ve been living with since I was a baby.

In the darkness of a disease that nearly killed me, a stunning white light appeared and I disappeared into its radiance. There I "received" my authentic name: Ashala.

Ashala means to be with God, to reflect the Divine.

Under the name of Ashala, I have been healed, and my Heart has been opened like a water lily in full bloom.

As Ashala, I have been shown my soul's calling and my life's work. This work doesn't belong to me; it just abides with me and both my Heart and HeartReadings are at its service.

Come, and let my Heart connect you to your heart. Click HERE or call: 212.252.2155