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I'm Ashala Gabriel, and I "read" Hearts.

You and your Heart communicate in different languages. My Heart hears your Heart's energies directly and translates their meaning into messages.

HeartReadings often bring about big changes, even life-changing events. Don't be surprised if you experience a spontaneous joyfulness and feelings you never knew were possible.

Open your Heart. Click HERE or call: 212.252.2155


Individual HeartReadings

When your Heart is suffering its energies stop flowing. My Heart is able to feel its way through your Heart's deepest bottlenecks and help you to release them.

Relationship HeartReadings

An invisible "energy-relating bridge" links your Heart to the Hearts of people you love. Under stress, this "bridge" develops cracks. My Heart can detect and repair these cracks so your relationship can get back on track and keep growing.

Business HeartReadings

Even your business needs a healthy Heart. Invite me into your workplace and my Heart will intuitively do an energy sweep and fix whatever's disturbing the well-being of your business. Office interactions will visibly improve and your entire space will feel lighter.

Transitions HeartReadings

The shock of major transitions and crises breaks your Heart energies, leaving your physical body fragile and susceptible to disease. My Heart can provide "emergency care" to directly support and re-energize these critical connections.

Heart-Centered Questions

Ask my Heart specific question(s) and you'll receive important time-sensitive answers. (Two Question Limit)

Group HeartReadings

My Group HeartReading Attunements are coming soon. Please check back for more details.