You know a Higher Plan is afoot when a literary agent, college professor and advertising executive chooses to be ordained as an Interfaith minister in her early sixties instead of planning for retirement.

Reverend Ashala Gabriel is an unusual woman of the cloth whose warmth, charisma and spiritual depth invites abiding trust.

As a Jewish/Catholic/Buddhist with Hindu leanings, she is more at home in flowing shawls than formal robes.

As a natural mystic from birth she mirrors your own divinity and restores hope to your Heart. Her Soul’s purpose here is to support and reconnect your Heart to what nourishes your Highest Good.

HeartReadings restore your faith in Love as the ultimate Healing Force. They align you with a sense of courage and willingness to share your life with others, assist you in co-creating a readiness to be who you are now and who you will become.