Heart Readings

Individual HeartReadings
When your Heart's energies stop flowing, my Heart can feel through your Heart's deep bottlenecks and help to release them.

Relationship HeartReadings
An invisible "energy-relating bridge" links your Heart to the Hearts of people you love. Under stress, this bridge develops cracks. My Heart detects and repairs fissures so that your relationships can get back on track and keep growing.

Business HeartReadings
Invite me into your workplace. My Heart will intuitively do an energy sweep to help resolve whatever is disturbing the well-being of your business, improve office interactions and lighten your entire space.

Transitions HeartReadings
The shock of major transitions and crises breaks your Heart energies, leaving your physical body fragile and susceptible to disease. My Heart can provide "emergency care" to directly support and re-energize these critical connections.

HeartReading Rates:

$22 for 10 minutes
$55 for 30 minutes
$99 for 60 minutes

Initial HeartReadings are one hour. Follow-up Heart Attunements are available In half-hour increments. A recommended sequence is one in-person Reading plus two phone Attunements in consecutive weeks.