My Story

I am a natural mystic. Even in my crib days, I was a frequent flyer to far-off worlds -- worlds as clear and close as the nose on my face. For over twenty-seven years, I felt alone with my gift.

During the next thirty-three years, I experienced miracles, visions and received direct teachings from masters. I discovered a deeper inclusive place to listen from. I surrendered myself to the Higher Forces I’ve been living with since I was a baby.

In the darkness of a disease that nearly killed me, a brilliant white light appeared and I disappeared into its radiance. There I received my authentic name, Ashala, which means Divine Reflection.

Under the name of Ashala, I have been healed, and my Heart has been opened like a water lily in full bloom. As Ashala, I have been shown my Soul's calling and my life's work. This work doesn't belong to me; it abides with me and both my Heart and HeartReadings are at its service.