" The Special Consciousness of my Dear Friend Ashala Gabriel is a Treasure ... she has this God Given Gift ... a Psyche adorned with Wisdom, a Loving Perception ... hers is a Genuine Service, a Gift of Healing and Blessing, Accurate Consul, Truth, as the Grace of God moves through her body, mind and heart. She offers these Heart Readings without ego or pretense ..."
S. C. Schoneberg, Oregon
~ Professor of Art, Internationally Renowned
Artist www.schonebergfinearts.com
"... Ashala's method of energy heart-healing work ... exceptionally sensitive, delicately attuned and softly influential in easing my "troubled mind". (Funny how tending to the heart softens the mental woes) ... in a soft, organic and flowing way that was surprising, delightful and very useful to me."
Thomas D'Aquanni, New Jersey
~ Principal, D'Aquanni and Associates
Management Consultants
"Ashala's Heart Work ... astounding! ... our beloved dog Spooky died in my arms New Year's Eve '07. Comforting us in our grief, Ashala's Heart "saw" Spooky's spirit returning home by late January ... as a large, bear-like male puppy." Don't look for him - he will find you!" ... on 1/29/08, a stray four week old "black snow lion" with Spooky's unmistakable spotted tongue, injured and hungry ...came to our door!...bless you, Ashala! ..."
Dorothy S. Tucker, Colorado
~ Tucker Design Associates